The 1st Annual State of Black Business Symposium will inform members and community leaders on the climate, condition, and trends of African American business in Philadelphia. It will provide a statistical overview of the state of black business, the trends in various industries, and potential growth opportunities.

The Forum is critically important for attendees to discuss and design a plan for greater economic impact within our communities. You will want to join this discussion with black business leaders from around the city!

The 1st Annual State of Black Business Symposium will feature experts and speakers from 6pm to 10pm.

Invitees to this event will include elected officials, corporate sponsors, community leaders, advisors, and members.

The session will close with a panel discussion on the current climate of the Black business ecosystem and solutions will be presented to help promote retention and increase economic prosperity within the Philadelphia Black community.

Organizer: Black Expo America Inc.

Organizer of State of Black Business Symposium

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