The annual AFROFEST is a celebration of African Arts and Culture. Enjoy delicious food, music, fashion, spoken word, art displays and dance performances.

Please help welcome the beautiful and talented children of Choir 51where they will perform at the magnificent Tower Hill Church, who have so graciously offered to host. The program will feature children’s songs, traditional spirituals and gospel favorites along with energizing African drumming and dancing. Suitable for all ages!!

This Economical Event Will Be Able To Provide Effective Solutions For Those Looking For A Economic Reality Change.

This event is family friendly! Please invite parents, co-workers, aunt’s, uncles, cousins, and friends. Get tickets here :

The Biggest Afrobeats show on Earth is coming back to New York City this August for another amazing festival!

Celebrating Food & Drink Establishments ex. Restaurants, Eateries, Bakeries, Deserts Shops, Cafes and more Owned By People Of African Descent!

Bus Ride To: African American Museum of Natural History and Culture (Washington DC) About this Event We’re Going Again!!! When: September 19, 2020 Leaving: 6:00 am (SHARP) Returning: 8:00 pm Pick Up/Drop Off: Somerset Patriots Ball Park-Bridgewater(White Lot) Parking(Carpooling Preferred) Come Join us for a Bus Ride to the National Museum of African American History and Culture (Washington DC) Saturday September 19, 2020. Departs 6:00 am (Prompt) from the Somerset Patriots ball park (White Lot). We will need to be in Washington DC by 10 am. There will be 1 rest stop on the way to DC. You will have approx: 5 hours to move around the Museum as you wish. We will also need to board the bus promptly by 3 pm to make it back to New Jersey by 8 pm. There will be 1 stop on the way back to NJ. You will also need to either bring your lunch and eat prior to entering or eat at the restaurant inside the museum which may have long lines. You may also bring snacks for the bus ride. No access to the bus will be available once were dropped off at the museum until time to leave. Price […]

Hair Nation Expo Fall 2020 emerges as one of the largest LIVE hair events in the United States and particularly the largest LIVE African American hair event in the Northeast. It’s also the largest African American LIVE hair event in the history of Atlantic City, New Jersey’s boardwalk.

America’s Child is by far Copeland’s most compelling work yet, with music swelling beyond blues and into spirited Americana, with elements of rock, soul, and country. From America’s Child’s anthemic opening track, Ain’t Got Time For Hate, to the closing lullaby, the traditional Go To Sleepy Little Baby, Shemekia sings with passion and insight about the chaos and uncertainty in the world while still finding joy all around her.

We invite each artist to present 5 of their best works, highlighting their artistry and creativity. We invite all attendees to dress in their best attire. This event will both honor artists of color and give space for growing and maintaining our art community.

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