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Black People Move Forward website answers a problem that exists within the media, which has to do with how Black people are represented by the media. For centuries and beyond the mainstream media has always found ways to demonize Black people. From mainstream media, we draw the conclusion that negative stereotypes about Black people are true. Psychologically, this effects the way Black people behave and even how Black people interact with each other. We need to understand that the mainstream media has a very psychological effect on people’s behavior. This includes people of all races and even the race that is being negatively portrayed. We have even seen these same people who are being stereotyped behave negatively towards their own racial, cultural or ethnic groups.

Social media is very telling. Judged from the types of posts that Black people dig up that are particularly about other Black people being presented in a negative light, we see that Black people have definitely been adversely effected by these negative presentations. In fact, we become so immersed in the negativity that is fueled against us, Black people actually propagandize the negativity. It’s not very empowering when an attacked group of people attack themselves.

Some would argue that this is due to possessing inferior intellect and basically being inferior to everyone else. Then these people look down on Black people in a stereotypical manner that causes a social imbalance. This behavior fuels separation that hardly works in the favor of Black people. It becomes abundantly clear that Black people need to possess some control over mainstream media. We keep in mind that in America, Black people do not own any mainstream media. As a collective, we do not have the power to report about happenings in Black communities on the six o’clock news. We also note that most websites that obtain the advantage of showing up in search engines do not have Black influence, and the ones that do have such influence perpetuate negative stereotypes aimed at attacking the character of Black people. It would appear very systematic.


There are positive aspects of controlling Black media, but as a collective, Black people have not even begun to control negative media that effects the image of Black people. Dynamically and very systematically, this media control pretty much dictates social behavior towards Black people. The mere fact that Black people do not understand how important this media control is, would give a perfect example of why this media needs to be controlled.

Essentially, Black people need to control our own forms of media – at least to a degree. is not just another Black blog. The website is actually a unique blogging platform put together to give Black people a voice. The more Black people that are actually reporting news from their areas and also making people aware of things that are happening as they find the news is a great way for us to tell these stories from our own perceptions. Not to mention, when Black people hear negative stories about themselves, we need a platform that allows us to tell the stories from our own points of view. This power will help to shift the balance of our side verses the racist, negative spin that white controlled media puts on the news that happens in Black areas.

Black People Move Forward is a platform in which we can address the Black community with our own power of journalism and telling realistic stories from unbiased points of view.

As members of Black People Move Forward, we will have the ability to join and tell our stories from our own points of view to counterbalance the negative spin that mainstream white media puts on the events that happen in the Black community.

Yes, its true. Anyone can write blogs on their own website and share the stories. But when you have many of us on one single platform telling our own individual story, that’s power. That’s balance. 1 single website alone could get a few hundred views a week or less. But a platform that is supported by and controlled by the community, will constantly give updates and articles that make a difference in how Black people are represented throughout the community and across the world.

It’s time to start protecting the Black image. It’s time to put on our serious journalism hats and begin to write our own content for the world to embrace. This is a community project and therefore, the website themselves won’t use annoying ads to try and make a profit off of the website. They are constantly looking for editors, journalists, and even site admins to help grow the platform because they believe that the bigger they are, the more of an impact they will have on the Black community, online and offline.

The website doesn’t use ads for profit but they do allow users to place ads within their own content. Black People Move Forward is a trusted domain and read by many Black people and others all across the world. Black People Move Forward is our voice and it’s important that we embrace platforms such as this which are designed to empower us as a people. The website is Black owned and Black controlled. Sign up today and witness your power!