Savobe stands for Strategy and Vision of Better Economics and we exist to essentially create and develop businesses in urban and other underdeveloped communities so we can enhance these areas and generate more wealth and opportunity for everyone.

Savobe is a prominent organization unit that organizes the establishment and growth of businesses that generate economic growth potential and employment opportunities for those who are less fortunate. We believe that at least 90 percent of wealth that communities generate for its citizens should go towards business owners who are from those communities. These businesses should be regulated by a strong presence within these communities and ensure the growth of these establishments as well as enhancing the communities that they serve.

Savobe helps to establish these businesses and helps to manage a percentage of their overall profits that are then used to create more businesses and opportunities as well as educational planning and political structure of these communities. We believe firmly that with proper organization any community should be able to flourish in growth and wealth which will systematically rehabilitate troubled communities.